Eni, big shot in the Gulf, carried out for the Piaggio Aero affair?


Eni has done a big hit obtaining a share of 25% of a large offshore concession of three fields in Abu Dhabi.

On November 13, Eni signed an agreement with the Abu Dhabi company, Adnoc, which provides for a 25% stake in a mega offshore concession, the Ghasha, which includes three fields for trillions of cubic meters of gas. When fully operational, La Stampa writes, the wells will be able to produce up to 1,5 billion cubic meters of gas per day and 120 barrels of high-value condensates.

This is how Eni's CEO Claudio Descalzi: "confirms the confidence in our upstream model, based on the integration of exploration and development. Abu Dhabi has chosen the Italian company because it guaranteed a rapid transition from exploration to production, as was successfully done in Egypt with the Eastern Mediterranean gas field, the Zohr ".

Eni then signed an agreement with the Emirati company, Mubadala (the Mubadala sovereign fund is interested in the construction of the Piaggio Aero P.2HH drone), for the sale of 20 percent of Eni's stake in the Nour concession, off the Delta del Delta. Nile in Egypt.

Egypt and Israel, however, always writes the press, have signed an agreement to bring Israeli gas on the Egyptian coast, where, in Damietta, there is a large plant for liquefaction of ENI that could become a hub for transport to all Europe.

Russia, in all this business, is not watching and Vladimir Putin intends to set up a military base in Egypt and probably also in Tobruk.

Eni and Italy can thus counter the French expansion from the South, where gigantic deposits of gas exist yet to be explored and thus restore equilibrium in the Libyan Fezzan.

What is certain is that with this agreement the negotiations for the construction of the Piaggio Aero drone should also be unblocked, ensuring the continuation of the Italian company's activities and the retention of the seats of 1200 workers.

Piaggio has put in place a new drone, the P.2HH, with the aim of selling it to both the emirates and the Italian Air Force for a cost of 766 million euros that should be taken over by the Italian government and paid in 15 years , for the development and purchase of 20 aircraft and 10 ground stations. The same sum would be assured by Abu Dhabi.

The slowdown in funding for the program had bothered Abu Dhabi, which would have sensitized Italian politicians and military so that Leonardo enters Piaggio as soon as possible.

Eni, big shot in the Gulf, carried out for the Piaggio Aero affair?