Milan, police officer saves the life of an elderly person in the station suffering from cardiac arrest (video)


Yesterday evening, at about 20.00 pm, an agent of the State Police, on duty at the Milan Central Station, intent on reaching his office to complete the evening shift, noticed some people gathered near the exit of the station .
Approaching to find out what the problem was, he noticed an elderly man lying prone on the ground. The policeman, assuming an illness, immediately turned the man on his back, noting that he was not breathing and had no heartbeat.
Understanding the seriousness of the situation, he immediately carried out cardio-pulmonary resuscitation operations. Only after a few minutes did the old man slowly start breathing again. Seeing health conditions improve, the Agent first stopped the life-saving operations and then immediately resumed them, noticing a sudden deterioration. The maneuvers continued for another ten minutes until the arrival on the spot of Company Protection personnel of the Italian FS equipped with defibrillator. Despite the use of the device, the Agent continued the resuscitation manually until, a few minutes later, the 118 operators arrived and continued the procedures by transporting the elderly person in red code to the local hospital. Currently the 76-year-old man is hospitalized in stationary conditions.