Salvini al Quirinale? Hurry if you don't want to be harnessed


(by Massimiliano D'Elia) The League tries to understand from the Quirinal the lines that the president of the Republic Sergio Mattarella wants to follow in case he breaks.

So Matteo Salvini just landed from Finland last night and after a meeting with his militants in Barzago: "If this Government no longer makes sense to go ahead because the no prevails over the yeses, then the way is that of voting, that there are no majorities, specifies the leader of the League, gathered on the pavement because someone does not want to give up the chair". 

Yesterday was "very hot", from Helsinki, where the EU interior ministers met, announced that it will not participate in today's Council of Ministers at the 12 nor at another umpteenth summit on autonomy. 

During the press conference, on the sidelines of the Finnish summit, he accused the Five Stars of "to be already for two days in the Government with the Pd, for now in Brussels, betraying the vote of the Italians who wanted change ".

Salvini's lunge then had it with Di Maio: "the loss of trust, even personal towards the allies. I don't appreciate the challenge to the insult "he added, commenting on Giuseppe Conte's letter to the Republic. The prime minister, who ruled out lending himself to opaque and ambiguous operations in the event of a crisis, reacted by reiterating his values: "Respect for institutions, full transparency towards citizens, absolute loyalty to national interests "

Di Maio's reply

"Here the M5S is attacked to make the news and cover the case of the Russian funds, but this is a vulgar falsehood". "We were hit in the back".

Then Luigi Di Maio brought together his colonels including Minister Fraccaro, Undersecretary Buffagni and group leaders Francesco D'Uva and Stefano Patuanelli.

Di Maio then wanted to clarify the vote of the Movement given to the German popular Ursula von der Leyen for the presidency of the EU Commission: "There was an agreement with the premier, but the League marched because it had no guarantees on the commissioner". Now, the League, "say clearly if you want to bring down the Government and take responsibility "

Salvini he replied in no uncertain terms: "His theories here in Finland come far, I leave his outbursts. ”And he has had it for everyone. From Trenta and Toninelli (for blocking the work of the Gronda di Genova), the president of the Chamber Roberto Fico and even Davide Casaleggio: "If the popular vote makes sense ... otherwise we put any nomination online on Rousseau, we click and so all Casaleggio decides and we are in order ".

At the end of the day the number two of the League Giancarlo Giorgetti was about twenty minutes at the Quirinale in conversation with Mattarella. He would have excluded his eventual candidacy as EU Commissioner. They probably talked about the Italian political situation, very "hot. Perhaps Giorgetti has tried to wrest from the President of the Republic the certainty of elections in the event of a break with the Movement.

The fear of the League is that in the event of the fall of the Government there will be a majority government (M5S-PD + others), or a "technical" government. A move that would remove the League from the elections negating the possibility of capitalizing on the broad consensus of the Italians, 37,8 per cent.

Late in the evening an AdnKronos agency was beaten which announced a possible sortie by Salvini al Colle for the formal opening of the Government crisis


Let's not forget that the date of July 20 is tomorrow. Useful date to be able to organize the elections "technically" already in the autumn before the financial maneuver.

Following the accusations of Luigi Di Maio to the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini

Salvini al Quirinale? Hurry if you don't want to be harnessed