Trump: "I suspended attack on Iran", "at least 150 people would have died"


In a long speech, Trump explains what happened last night, when he stopped the attack on Iran, a few minutes before it started.

"I asked how many people would die. '150, sir', I was answered by a general. So, I stopped everything within ten minutes of the attack, which would not have been proportionate to the downing of a drone.". The contents of Trump's speech are reported by the Italian press agency "Nova".

However, Trump added "do not rush". "Our strengths are ready to go, they are by far the best in the world. The sanctions against Iran are biting and new ones were added last night.

Iran will never have nuclear weapons, not against the United States, not against the world! ", The US president concluded.

Then Trump bet again the finger against his predecessor, the democrat Barack Obama. "President Obama has signed a terrible and desperate agreement with Iran. He gave him 150 billions of dollars, plus 1,8 billions of dollars in cash!

Iran was in trouble and we saved it. We gave him the green light for nuclear weapons ". According to the head of the White House, "instead of thanking Iran he shouted Death at America". "I ended the agreement that was not even ratified by Congress, and imposed strong sanctions. Today, Iran is a much weaker country than at the beginning of my presidency, when they caused enormous problems throughout the Middle East. Now I'm bankrupt. "

Trump's change of course has avoided, at least for the time being, that the gradual intensification of tensions between the US and Tehran for months resulted in potentially an open conflict. In the past few hours the US press had reported possible indications of an imminent limited-scale attack against Iranian missile stations. More than one source close to the US military and the Trump administration confirmed that preparations for the attack were already underway when the president decided to retrace his steps. Iran has meanwhile announced that it has "irrefutable" evidence that the US drone shot down yesterday had entered its airspace, contrary to what Washington said.

This was said by the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic, Abbas Araghchi. "The drone had violated Iranian airspace. The debris was found in the territorial waters of IranAraghchi said in a telephone conversation with Markus Leitner, the Swiss ambassador to Tehran - who represents US interests in the country.

According to reports from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a note, Araghchi "urged US forces to respect Iran's sea and air borders“, Adding that“ this is not the first time ”that the US has violated the country's territory. "It has already happened several times“Said the deputy minister. According to Araghchi, Iran "does not want war" but "will decisively defend its territory against aggression".


Trump: "I suspended attack on Iran", "at least 150 people would have died"