Prepaway – All You Need to Know About Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching Certification

Networking specialists go through a series of skill-building steps. This is because IT skills are not easy to acquire. They require commitment and application of correct methods. Organizations and enterprises do not require anything short of reliable IT skills. But why do institutions require skilled networking professionals? It’s clear that there’s a relationship between skills and business performance. For employers, recruiting employees with specialized networking skills is a priority as this determines their overall performance. #Cisco organization understands this need very well. That’s why they have a goal of equipping IT professionals with advancednetworking knowledge so that they are better placed in providing solutions to businesses.

Cisco offers certifications on different levels:

  • Entry
  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Expert
  • Architect

The expert-level Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Routing and Switching certification is considered one of the most prestigious credentials in the IT field. Now, let’s go deeper intodetails of Cisco #CCIE R&S certification. You’ll get to know the exams that you have to pass to acquire advanced and most in-demand networking skills.

CCIE Routing and Switching certification

Despite the fact that it is an expert-level certification, it has no formal prerequisites. Nonetheless, the candidates should possess strong networking background. If you feel like you’re lacking sufficient knowledge in networking, it is recommended that you first obtain associate-level CCNA R&S and professional-level CCNP R&S certifications.

In order to get certified, you need to pass both written (400-101) and practical exams. To take part in these assessments, you must have knowledge and skills in planning, operating andtroubleshooting complex as well as converged network architectures. The certification is designed for network engineers, network architects and other professionals tasked with planning and operating complex network infrastructures.

400-101 CCIE: written exam details

This Cisco 400-101 exam is 2 hours long and is available in English only. It covers areas such as networking conceptsanddevice configurations. It validates your technical ability in configuring, validating and troubleshooting enterprise network architectures that are complex in nature. The exam questions can come in the form of multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, testlet, fill-in-the-blank, simulation andsimlet. There will be about 90-110 questions in the test.400-101 written exam cost is $450. You have to schedule your exam with Pearson VUE.

Here are the topics for the written exam:

  • Network principles
  • VPN technologies
  • Layer 2 related technologies
  • Layer 3 related technologies
  • Infrastructure services
  • Infrastructure security
  • Evolving technologies

CCIE Routing and Switching Lab exam details

This is the second and last step of CCIE R&S certification path. The exam is 8 hours long andknown to be quite difficult. This is because the exam tests your hands-on skills in determining a problem and your ability to find a solution to that problem. The exam validates your skills in configuring actual equipment as well as troubleshooting the network within given time limits.

You can only take this exam after passing your written exam. Once you’ve passed your written exam, you will be given 18 months within which you must take yourLab exam. If you fail at your first attempt, the second attempt should be within the next 12 months of passing your written exam or else your written exam becomes invalid. If it takes you more than 3 years before passing your Lab exam, you’ll have to retake your written exam first. Every attempt of this CCIE Lab exam will cost you $1600.

Top CCIE Routing and Switching exam preparation resources

The exam in itself is demanding and requires an intentional commitment to preparation. The most important part is finding the correct resources that will give you the right knowledge and skills to face your exam with confidence. These resources are reliable materials for your CCIE R&S exam prep:

  1. Training courses and tutorials

Instructors ofthese courses are trained and have been taking candidates through the exam objectives for years. You can choose instructor-led, self-study, or e-learning courses depending on your needs. Some of the courses that will give you a boost in your exam prep include:

  • Cisco expert learning self-study course
  • ExamSnap CCIE Routing and Switching written exam training course
  1. Study guides

Study guides come in handy during exam preparation. With in-depth coverage of topics, these guideshave proven to be a reliable method to study for your CCIE R&S exams. Here are the resources to use:

  • CCIE R&S official certification study guide, 4th Edition
  • CCIE R&S v5.0 Official Cert Guide: IP Forwarding (Routing)
  • CCIE R&S Flash Cards: General Networking Theory
  1. Practice labs

CCIE Lab exam requires hands-on skills to pass. Practicing your skills as you learn is the best way to prepare and pass the assessment. Use these resources and labs to help you practice and gain useful hands-on skills:

  • CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Builder
  • CCIE Routing and Switching Practice Lab
  • CCIE Routing and Switching Practice Lab 3 – the VPN Lab
  • Mobile CCIE Labs
  1. Cisco CCIE 400-101 exam dumps

If you want to learn how the actual exam looks like and how to answer the exam questions, then ExamSnap CCIE R&S 400-101 dumps are a perfect solution for you. These are past exam questions with answers that are compiled by past exam takers and users. Exam experts who understand the objectives of CCIE R&S exam verify these questions. This way, you’re guaranteed touse the latest and most accurate exam prep material on the Internet. The good thing about this approach is that it allows you to practice with the questions as many times as you want until you are confident enough. Should you meet areas that you haven’t understood well, the software will allow you to go back to them. Use exam dumps with the VCE Testing Engine which is designed to help you practice efficiently.

  1. CCIE R&S study group

Use CCIE Routing and Switching Study Group to interact with other exam takers. Study groups are also a good place to learn one or two things from those who’ve already passed theirCCIE tests. You can ask questions or share your concerns regarding your CCIE Cisco 400-101 exam.

  1. Cisco Official Website

The Cisco website provides you with an insight into CCIE R&S objectives, seminars and other useful exam prep resources.

CCIE Routing and Switching certification job roles and salaries

Once you’ve earned your certification, you’re going to qualify for the following job positions as an expert IT networking professional:

  • Cisco network engineer
  • Senior principal network specialist
  • Network architect
  • Technical consulting engineer – data center
  • Network support engineer

The average annual salary for professionals with CCIE Routing and Switching certification is $122,000 according to PayScale.

Concluding thoughts

Advancing your skills in any IT specialization is what will help you stand out. Expert Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching certification is the most coveted credential today. By passing 400-101 written and Lab exams, you demonstrate that you possess high-level skills. Only those IT professionals who are technically proficient and skilled can achieve this level of qualification. Such skill level follows several years of intensive learning, hardwork and experience.


Prepaway – All You Need to Know About Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching Certification