Resume with Grade A+ by Passing CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Certification Exam


CompTIA N10-007 exam is the latest test under CompTIA Network+ certifications. It has replaced N10-006 exam, which is no longer on the market. Being a vendor-neutral certification, CompTIA Network+ gives its holders a lot of advantages as it covers most of the networking technologies that are currently in demand.


IT specialists should ensure that they are always up to date with the most recent technological changes and advancements in the technology field. New N10-007 exam contains a broad selection of the technological concepts that the IT professionals need to know in order to stay relevant.

N10-007 exam is a 90-minute test which consists of around 90 questions. It contains simulation, multiple-choice, and performance-based questions. The cost of this particular exam is $302.

To pass this test you need to get at least 720 marks on a scale of 100-900. It is also essential that you have 9-12 months of networking experience and possess CompTIA A+ certification. You can register for the exam at website.

Benefits of being CompTIA Network+ certified

Just like any other CompTIA certifications, CompTIA Network+ brings a myriad of benefits to the individuals. This certification proves the candidate’s proficiency in troubleshooting, configuring, and managing various networking devices. Other advantageous skills covered by CompTIA Network+ certification include:

  1. Cybersecurity.
    Security is one of the most common problems in many IT companies. Employers are tending to hire the individuals who have demonstrated the capability of handling security measures. Despite the fact that CompTIA Network+ does not specialize in security, however, it provides an individual with the basic safety measures. While preparing for CompTIA Network+, you will learn how to configure the correct security settings and identify the breaches in a network system.
    CompTIA Network+ can be a good starting point for the specialists who are intended to venture into cybersecurity. You get to learn about authentication, authorization, wireless encryption, and leaks identification in the security system. You will study the techniques required to prevent any attack that may harm the system.
  2. Cloud Computing.
    Most business organizations today are focused on moving to Cloud Computing. CompTIA Network+ certification covers a lot of Cloud Computing terms and practices
    N10-007 exam incorporates new questions related to the Cloud Computing infrastructure. Thus, students are able to acquire the skills in managing Cloud applications and identify the correct position to place devices.
  3. Concepts of Virtualization.
    Virtualization is closely related to Cloud Computing. The new exam covers a broader concept on virtualization as compared to N10-006 exam. Configuring the virtual machines will require you to have skills in managing multiple operating systems and environments of a physical machine on a local or Cloud-hosted network. You will understand the ways of working with the Servers: how to configure and secure them and how to dedicate resources to each virtual machine.
  4. Disaster Management.
    Disasters often happen unexpectedly and most of them are unforeseen. Precaution measures are very important since we cannot completely prevent the disasters from happening. CompTIA Network+ certification entails the essential backup procedures, ways of restoring the backups, disaster recovery practices, and emergency data security. Knowing how to take certain preventive measures, you will be able to reduce damages in case of a disaster thus reducing the loss an organization would have incurred.

Passing CompTIA N10-007 exam

Most people tend to have an exam phobia, and when the test period approaches, they begin to feel some cold shivers running down their spine. Even the professionals who have passed so many exams may still go through these experiences. However, this should never be a reason for not passing your tests.

Practice and adequate preparation are some of the key tips for success. Nonetheless, there are additional tips for you to excel.

  1. Proper time management.
    Time is an essential factor for all students. This will especially apply to the performance-based questions since they require the candidate to have certain problem-solving abilities. Trying to solve the problems you aren’t familiar with may take much of your time. It is therefore important to first analyze the questions: try to do the easy ones first. Later, you can come back and attempt the complicated ones.
  2. Identify the keywords.
    Concentrate and find the keywords or main phrases which will help you understand what is exactly this question about. This will help you in picking the right answers since the keywords act as a lead.
  3. Use deductions and eliminations.
    If you stuck with a multiple-choice question and you don’t have the exact answers, you can eliminate the choices that you’re sure are wrong. Then you will be able to deduct the exact answer.
  4. Anticipate the answer while reading the questions.
    As you read the questions you should be able to list some of the examples you know relating to that question in your head. By the time you will be going through the choices you will already know what to choose.
  5. Read adequately for the performance-based questions.
    Performance-based questions do not have the multiple choices and you are therefore required to read them thoroughly. Pre-test home works are very good sharpening tools and one should never take them for granted.
  6. Use practice tests.
    To enhance your test-taking skills, you need to pass at least a few practice tests. They will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and understand which knowledge area needs more of your attention.




N10-007 exam can be categorized as an entry-level test for networking professionals. With the new exam, you are able to learn new concepts which are up to date. The certification can be renewed through the CompTIA Continuing Education program. CompTIA Network+ certification is a confirmation that you possess the updated knowledge and that you are opened to learn new things and improve your qualification.

Resume with Grade A+ by Passing CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Certification Exam